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Carrier Falcon Princess
  • 24 Chapters
  • Every 1.4 Day(s)
  • 2 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 16-06-2021

A Kingdom under war. The 8th Princess of Roymonde, Zelleine, escaped in time amidst the chaos but she woke up in a bird’s body instead of a princess’s? ‘Gweeckkk’ What is this? What is this animal’s sound? Even worse, the bird she was “transmigrated” into is the messenger falcon of the bloodless and tearless General ‘Valhayle’. She starts a journey for her country and to find her real body but she keeps getting... More>>

The Beauty Ran Away With the Hedgehog
  • 6 Chapters
  • Every 1 Day(s)
  • 1 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 04-06-2021

Rich girl Hua Manman is forced by her father to study hard in a normal university without exposing her identity. There, she meets a commoner schoolmate— the handsome, cold, and slightly scheming Xiao Ye. The two of them come from different worlds with different values, and during their clashes, they find another...adorable side other than that of the cold hedgehog/foolish rich daughter.

It’s Time to Change the Genre
  • 19 Chapters
  • Every 2.9 Day(s)
  • 0 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 10-06-2021

I reincarnated into my favorite genre for novels. I became the villainous aunt who mistreats the young protagonist. I felt sorry for my nephew who would grow up as the protagonist in a revengeful plot, so I’ll try my best to take care of my nephew until his uncle shows up and takes him as per the original plot. But then… “M-Mom!” I’ve become his mother all of a sudden? “I don’t know your circumstances, but how could... More>>