Friday, January 14, 2022
Title Release Group
Thursday, January 13, 2022
Title Release Group
Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God c32 Asura Scans
Your Talent is Mine c21 Asura Scans
Solo Spell Caster c76 Asura Scans
Trash of the Count’s Family c69 Luminous Scans
The Constellation That Returned From Hell c60 Asura Scans
Rise From the Rubble c73 Asura Scans
Spirit Farmer c80 Asura Scans
Martial Peak c1864 Manhua Plus
Tomb Raider King c290 Luminous Scans
My Dad Is Too Strong c65 Luminous Scans
Martial Peak c1863 Manhua Plus
Boss's Blatant Taste c8 Maple Leaf Scans
Boss's Blatant Taste c7 Maple Leaf Scans
Martial Peak c1862 Manhua Plus
Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Title Release Group
The Lord's Coins Aren't Decreasing?! c45 Asura Scans
Worn and Torn Newbie c78 Asura Scans
Death Is the Only Ending for the Villainess c84 Asura Scans
I Shall Live as a Prince c72 Asura Scans
I Have Become the Heroes' Rival c9 Alpha Scans
Martial Peak c1861 Manhua Plus
Armored Colossus c10 UnderDogs Scan
Martial Peak c1860 Manhua Plus
I Live With a Demon King c65 hscans
A Relationship of Intended Carelessness c65 hscans
Martial Peak c1859 Manhua Plus
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Title Release Group
The Return of the Crazy Demon c30 Asura Scans
QUESTISM c1 Reaper Scans
QUESTISM c2 Reaper Scans
QUESTISM c3 Reaper Scans
I Am the King c36 Immortal Updates Scan
I Am the King c35 Immortal Updates Scan
Leveling Up With the Gods c38 Luminous Scans
The Second Coming of Gluttony c92 Asura Scans
Sword Sheath's Child c96 hscans
Martial Peak c1858 Manhua Plus
Legend of the Northern Blade c115 Luminous Scans
Martial Peak c1857 Manhua Plus
Sijin c204.5 TimelessLeaf
Sijin c204 TimelessLeaf
Martial Peak c1856 Manhua Plus
Monday, January 10, 2022
Title Release Group
Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble c37 Asura Scans
Martial Peak c1855 Manhua Plus
Tomb Raider King c289 Luminous Scans
Martial Peak c1854 Manhua Plus
Sijin c203.5 TimelessLeaf
Sijin c203 TimelessLeaf
Martial Peak c1853 Manhua Plus
The First Night With the Duke c71 LINE Webtoon
Sunday, January 09, 2022
Title Release Group
The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player c94 Asura Scans
Taming Master c65 Asura Scans
Updater c60 Asura Scans
Get Schooled c65 Imperfect Comic
Martial Peak c1852 Manhua Plus
Rise From the Rubble c72 Asura Scans
The Immortal Emperor Luo Wuji Has Returned c108 Asura Scans
Super Evolution c34 Asura Scans
Player Who Can't Level Up c53 Asura Scans
Martial Peak c1851 Manhua Plus
Feng Qi Cang Lan c275.5 TimelessLeaf