These are the following guidelines for reviews written on Manga List. Please follow these guidelines to prevent the risk of your review being reported or deleted from the site.

A review is a form of criticism of the content, style and your enjoyment of the manga. You should provide the reader with the tools to decide whether or not they should read it.

  • contain why you like or dislike the manga without spoiling the story.
  • have good grammar: use proper capitalization, punctuation and spellcheck.
  • be written in English.
  • be presented as fairly and objectively as possible.
  • reviews of the translator. You are reviewing the manga, not the translator.
  • reviews of the website. You are reviewing the manga, not the website it’s being hosted on.
  • replies to other reviews. This means mentioning another user and replying to a specific review.
  • spoilers that will hurt the reader’s enjoyment of the story. All spoilers should be hidden in the spoiler bbc code.
  • one liners: “it’s good”, “I like it”, “I love it a lot”, etc…
  • profanity.
  • including links.
  • writing in all capital letters.
  • If you’ve read ahead of the translated chapters. Please put your whole review in the spoiler bbc code.

If you have any questions or comments about these guidelines, please send an email to [email protected]