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Akihiko Kaku Katariki
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Kadokawa Shoten (1988) :

1. Akihiko Kaku Katariki

Middle-aged housewife Tatsuko dies after being hit by a runaway taxi, but before moving on she gets to return to life for one week by borrowing the body of Akihiko, a high school girl who survived the same accident. In 2004 this story was adapted into an NHK late night drama called Chotto Matte, Kami-sama (ちょっと待って、神様, trans: Wait, God!).

2. Long Long Cake

A university student meets a shape-shifting alien.

3. Niwa wa Midori Kawa wa Blue

After her death from an illness, a young woman temporarily takes over the body of her own three-year-old daughter.

4. Mizu no Naka no Tissue Paper

High school girl Kuriko's precognitive dreams cause trouble when she has a dream about her boyfriend falling for someone else.

Associated Names

  • 秋日子かく語りき
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