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Cherry & Gals
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1. Hamacchau kamo!

2. Ichigo Kari (Gathering Strawberries)

3. Oniichan to Kozukuri Shitai!

4. Burakon! (BroCon! ; Brother Complex!)

5. Iryouyou nara Daijoubu! (If It's For Medical Use, Then It's Okay!)

Because of the sexy outfits of his nurses, Asano is reluctant to finally leave the hospital. When the nurses offer to do things to his body so he won't be able to leave the hospital is it a blessing or a curse?

6. Be Hunted!

7. Saikou no Mama-tachi (The Best Mommies Ever)

8. DT Management

9. Sensei, Urusai! w (Teacher, Shut Up!)

What do you do with a teacher who annoys you (and is apparently a thirty-year old virgin)? Why blackmail him and then rape him, of course! (Source: One of a Kind Productions)

Associated Names

  • BroCon!
  • Brother Complex!
  • Cherry & Gals ↑↑
  • Cherry&GAL’s↑↑
  • If It's for Medical Use, Then It's Okay!
  • Iryō-yōnara Daijōbu!
  • Saikou no Mama-tachi
  • Sensei, Urusai!
  • Sensei, Urusai! W
  • Teacher, Shut Up!
  • The Best Mommies Ever
  • ブラコン!
  • 医療用なら大丈夫!
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