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Counterattack Through Pregnancy
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•Webnovel has the uncut version (scenes that WebComics cut out). The platforms have different translations from each other.

•Sometime in Jan 2022 Webnovel discontinued due to copyright issues, chapters are still viewable but can't be purchased.

Having a two-faced bitch as a love rival isn’t scary… What’s scary is that the bitch has the upper hand—reincarnating as his little brother! Due to his "little brother," his lover was snatched away, his grandfather suffered a terrible death, the family business was taken over, and on top of all that, he was chained and thrown into prison. However, on the night before his release, he got laid by a man in the midst of confusion and became pregnant. After he got out of prison, he came back anew; he opened a restaurant and made a fortune while raising his child. He lived a vibrant life, but certainly didn’t forget to deal with his horrible ex and bitch.

[Updated every Friday and Saturday]

Weibo: @我叫张直男

Based from a Webnovel with the same title by 盈澈逝雪.

Associated Names

  • Deliverance of the Counterattack
  • Nixi Zhi Hao Yun Rensheng Qianyue
  • Nìxí Zhī Hǎo Yùn Rénshēng Qiānyuē
  • Pregnancy Counterattack
  • The Art of Taming His Husband
  • 傲娇奶爸休想逃
  • 逆袭之好孕人生
  • 逆襲之好孕人生
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