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Death Is the Only Ending for the Villainess
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This game's got me obsessed! It's like it's taken over my life... wait—HARD MODE ACTIVATED. No-no-no-no-no! It has literally taken me and thrown me into the part of Penelope Eckhart. Love is easy as the heroine, but as the hated villainess, I'm trying very hard not to die… at the hands of my brothers... the prince... a fork... every possible ending is death! This world is stacked against me, but can my wits and insider game knowledge score the affection of these male characters? Or the reset button??

Associated Names
  • A Morte é o Único Final Para a Vik
  • Ag'yeog'eui Ending'eun Jug'eumbbun
  • Agyeogui Ending Jugeumppun
  • Chết là cái kết thúc cho nhân vật phản diện
  • Villains Are Destined to Die
  • Kamatayan Lang ang Nararapat Para sa Kontrabida
  • Kematian adalah Akhir Sang Antagonis
  • Kötünün Tek Sonu Ölümdür
  • Kết thúc của nhân vật phản diện là cái chết
  • The Villain's Ending Is Death
  • Для лиходійки лиш одна кінцівка – смерть
  • Единственный исход злодейки - смерть
  • Конец злодейки - смерть
  • Смерть - единственный конец для злодейки
  • เกมรักอันตรายของนางร้าย
  • 反派角色只有死亡結局
  • 恋爱手游的男主都很危险
  • 恶役只有死亡结局
  • 悪役のエンディングは死のみ
  • 악역의 엔딩은 죽음뿐
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