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Goddess Creation System
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Otaku Xiaxi committed suicide because a guy in a game exposed her true identity. However, she didn't die and instead time-traveled to a game with countless handsome men. Prepare to see how an otaku transforms into a beautiful goddess!

Associated Names
  • Goddess Making System
  • Goddess Training System
  • Hệ Thống Chế Tạo Nữ Thần
  • Let' 美人(렛미인)
  • Megami Ikusei Shisutemu
  • Nüshen Zhizao Xitong
  • Production of a Goddess
  • Sistema De Creación De Diosas
  • 女神制造系统
  • 女神育成システム
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23/06/2021 TimelessLeaf c404.5
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