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Perfect Marriage Revenge
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Iju Han isn’t sure where her life went wrong. Once the heiress to a wealthy business magnate, she’s now an ordinary housewife whose main concerns are her nagging in-laws and household chores. Things take a much more tragic turn, however, when she finds her husband confessing his love to her stepsister. Devastated, she runs away, only to be hit by a car and killed. But when she opens her eyes, she finds that she’s awakened a year ago in the past, before her life went awry. Given a second chance at life, Iju vows revenge, determined to take back all that she’s lost.

Associated Names

  • Perfect Marriage
  • The Essence of a Perfect Marriage
  • The Perfect Way to Get Married
  • 完美结婚公式
  • 완벽한 결혼의 정석
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