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Return of Immortal Emperor
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Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan accidentally fell into the Immortal Realm from the Mortal Realm. After three thousand years, he became the great Emperor Yun of the Immortal Realm. Breaking through the barrier between the two realms, he discovered that only three years had passed. "Before, I was too weak to protect my loved ones. Now, I'll make the whole world bow before me."

Associated Names
  • Return Of The Divine Emperor
  • Return of the Heavenly Monarch
  • Tiên Đế Trở Về
  • 仙帝归来
  • 仙帝歸來
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21/01/2022 Manhua Plus c269
18/01/2022 Manhua Plus c268
15/01/2022 Manhua Plus c267

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