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Smile of Condemnation
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You are a doll that moves at my
will.- Follow me." Princess Laila, who remains alone in the royal palace surrounded by the flames of Guren, confronts the rebel general and the exiled prince Karifa.
As a substitute for her twin sister, Maleika, Laila was going to die when she was hung on the blade of Califa, who she had secretly thought of from an early age.
However, Karifa, who has a grudge against Maleika who thoroughly oppressed him when he was a prisoner, curses Laila without noticing another person and continues to insult him in the dim basement.

Associated Names
  • Danzai no Bishou
  • 断罪の微笑
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22/11/2021 Painful Nightz c4
06/09/2021 Painful Nightz c3
09/07/2021 Painful Nightz c2
20/06/2021 Painful Nightz c1

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