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Spirit Farmer
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The average Korean citizen who has been desperately trying to be a hero for 11 years has realized that this is not his craft or his dream. After giving up everything, Lee Kun Woo decided to become a farmer and live his quiet life. But is it that simple?

Associated Names
  • Farmer of Spirits
  • 정령 농사꾼
  • Jeongnyeong Nongsakkun
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13/01/2022 Asura Scans c80
03/01/2022 Asura Scans c79
28/12/2021 Asura Scans c78
19/12/2021 Asura Scans c77
15/12/2021 Asura Scans c76
06/12/2021 Asura Scans c75
30/11/2021 Asura Scans c74
25/11/2021 Asura Scans c73
18/11/2021 Asura Scans c72
11/11/2021 Asura Scans c71
06/11/2021 Asura Scans c70
31/10/2021 Asura Scans c69
24/10/2021 Asura Scans c68
24/10/2021 Asura Scans c67
06/10/2021 Asura Scans c66

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