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The Evening Breeze Blows
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A smart but decadent vagrant encountered a haughty but gentle drama king with visual impairment. Having experienced something special, they started their chaotic days of living together. Could the two not-so-perfect people support and heal each other? The evening breeze would tell you the answer...


1. The translation to Pocket Comics & Copin are quite similar to each just with little different wording & different typesetting/sfx other than that the translation seem to correspond exactly alike.

All other platforms have the Copin Comics translation.

2. The Evening Breeze Blows is PocketComics titles,

The Blind and the Homeless is the title Copin Comics and all other platforms use

Associated Names

  • Blind & Homeless
  • Jin Wan Ye Feng Chui Fu
  • O Vento Sopra essa Noite
  • The Blind & the Homeless
  • The Blind and the Homeless
  • The Caress of Tonight's Breeze
  • Wind Blowing Tonight
  • 今夜も新しい風が吹く
  • 今晚夜风吹拂
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