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The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player
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After being trapped for 12 years in a tower full of regenerating monsters, Hyeonu Kim is more powerful than just about any human or monster on Earth. Now that he’s free, he’s determined to find out who was behind his imprisonment, even if that means he has to kill hordes of monsters -- and inadvertently save the world -- along the way.

Associated Names
  • L'expert de la Tour Tutoriel
  • The Master of Tutorial Tower
  • The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower
  • The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player
  • Tyutolieol Tab-ui Goinmul
  • Tyutolieol Tabui Goinmul
  • برجِ تمرینیِ بازیکنِ پیشرفته
  • ผู้เล่นขั้นเทพแห่งหอคอยฝึกสอน
  • チュートリアル塔の廃人
  • 被塔诅咒的猎人
  • 튜토리얼 탑의 고인물
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