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The Undefeatable Swordsman
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A weak and sickly boy, Song Woo-moon's condition worsens when he loses his mental capacities, owing to a painting gifted by a sage. He grows up as the 'village idiot', pitied by his own parents. But unbeknownst to everyone, his life is about to change soon, and a new destiny awaits him. When Song Woo-moon turns 20, not only does he have an epiphany, but an undefeatable martial arts power begins to bloom inside the painting. What could all of this mean for Woo-moon? And what strange world awaits him?

Associated Names
  • Bulpaegeomseon
  • 不敗剣仙
  • 不敗劍仙
  • 불패검선
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22/11/2021 Zero Scans v1c92
14/11/2021 Zero Scans v1c91
11/11/2021 Zero Scans v1c90
30/10/2021 Zero Scans v1c89
20/10/2021 Zero Scans v1c88
19/10/2021 Zero Scans v1c87
19/10/2021 Zero Scans v1c86
07/10/2021 Zero Scans v1c85
24/09/2021 Zero Scans v1c84
20/09/2021 Zero Scans v1c83
09/09/2021 Zero Scans v1c82
31/08/2021 Zero Scans v1c81
23/08/2021 Zero Scans v1c80
22/08/2021 Zero Scans v1c79
22/08/2021 Zero Scans v1c78

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