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Trash of the Count’s Family
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Kim Roksu has one life motto: "Let's not get beat up." But after dozing off somewhere midway through the novel "Birth of a Hero", he wakes up as Cale Henituse - one of the minor villains in the novel who gets the beating of a lifetime from soon-to-be hero Choi Han. Only time will tell how much longer he has before that dreadful encounter. Can Kim Roksu change the course of this story so he can enjoy a long and lavish life free of the soon-to-be hero?

Associated Names
  • I Became the Countess Fool
  • Je suis devenu le Voyou de la famille du Comte
  • Pembuat Onar di Keluarga Count
  • Trash Count
  • Lout of Count's Family
  • Я стал графским ублюдком
  • อันธพาลแห่งตระกูลเคานต์
  • 伯爵家の暴れん坊になった
  • 成为伯爵家的废物
  • 成为伯爵家的混混
  • 變成伯爵家的混混
  • 백작가의 망나니가 되었다
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