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The blacksmith NPC ‘Aidan.’

One day, his village gets deleted by the hands of the system moderator and as he and his little sister ‘Elise’ perished, he swore to himself.

I’ll destroy this system with my very hands.

It was then…!

“You have unlocked moderator perms, Moderator Lv. 1”

Aidan wakes up with a new power,

Marking the beginning of his journey as a moderator…!

What will become of Aidan?!

Associated Names
  • 업데이터
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Date Group Release
21/10/2021 Asura Scans c51
17/10/2021 Asura Scans c50
07/10/2021 Asura Scans c49
07/10/2021 Asura Scans c48
07/10/2021 Asura Scans c47
06/10/2021 Asura Scans c46
26/07/2021 Asura Scans c38
18/07/2021 Asura Scans c37
10/07/2021 Asura Scans c36
05/07/2021 Asura Scans c35
27/06/2021 Asura Scans c34
19/06/2021 Asura Scans c33
13/06/2021 Asura Scans c32
12/07/2020 Asura Scans c31
12/07/2020 Asura Scans c30

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