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Above Ten Thousand People
  • 1 Chapters
  • Every 2.0 Day(s)
  • 0 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 16-01-2022

Tens of thousands of big shots submit at his feet yet he says, “I’m really just a mortal...” The overpowered protagonist who’s simultaneously the weakest in the world.

Seoul Station Druid
  • 37 Chapters
  • Every 5.9 Day(s)
  • 3 Readers
  • 2 Reviews
  • 10-06-2021

Park Sooho returned to Earth after disappearing to another world for a thousand years. During that time, Earth had changed into a world of the survival of the fittest thanks to the appearance of monsters. Druid, the king of the animals, who had managed to survive for a thousand years is now off to conquer the world.

The Return of the Crazy Demon
  • 18 Chapters
  • Every 10.2 Day(s)
  • 2 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 22-07-2021

Yi Zaha. The crazy demon crazy for martial arts. While he was running away after stealing the heavenly pearl of the Demon Cult Leader, he fell off a cliff. After thinking that everything was over, he opened his eyes to see that he had returned back to when he was a waiter… And he is being beat up for something that he didn’t do. The crazy demon who returned to the beginning of his days as a waiter! Will he go crazy again, or... More>>

The Max Level Returner
  • 22 Chapters
  • Every 7.4 Day(s)
  • 1 Readers
  • 1 Reviews
  • 15-06-2021

The world falls into a state of panic when 120 million players of a popular VR game, Eternal World, vanish without a trace one day. A few months later, they begin returning one by one after dying in the game. But they’re not the only ones to make it back—monsters also start to appear and wreak havoc on Earth. All hope seems lost until the Masked Monarch, the most powerful player of Eternal World, returns. He quickly assembles his old team... More>>

Isekaigaeri no Yuusha ga Gendai Saikyou!
  • 0 Chapters
  • Every 1 Day(s)
  • 0 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 22-06-2021

And Now He Trains Beautiful Warriors Using Superpowers!? Daiki Morishita, a normal high school boy was transported to a fantasy realm, where he ultimately defeats the Demon King. Having fulfilled his mission, he returns home, terribly missing his mother's home cooked meals. Upon his return home however, he discovers that he has brought something special back from the fantasy world.

The Demon King Who Lost His Job
  • 58 Chapters
  • Every 3.1 Day(s)
  • 0 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 15-06-2021

He is the king of the demon world who has become unemployed because of impeachment. She was the brave hero who was laid off because of the failure of the expedition. The bond of destiny binds the two together as they embark on a journey full of unknown adventures.