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Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God
  • 25 Chapters
  • Every 8.5 Day(s)
  • 2 Readers
  • 1 Reviews
  • 26-06-2021

A time travel action fantasy of the strongest of mankind. “Even if the disgusting gods gave me this chance, an opportunity is still an opportunity. Since they want to end up dead, I will kill them.” The last survivor of mankind, Zephyr. The fight with the demons ended in defeat and the gods gave him a chance to go back 10 years in time. The demons who took everything away from humans and the gods who treated humans as beings for sightseeing.... More>>

The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player
  • 24 Chapters
  • Every 8.9 Day(s)
  • 2 Readers
  • 0 Reviews
  • 15-06-2021

After being trapped for 12 years in a tower full of regenerating monsters, Hyeonu Kim is more powerful than just about any human or monster on Earth. Now that he’s free, he’s determined to find out who was behind his imprisonment, even if that means he has to kill hordes of monsters -- and inadvertently save the world -- along the way.

Rise From the Rubble
  • 44 Chapters
  • Every 5.0 Day(s)
  • 2 Readers
  • 1 Reviews
  • 10-06-2021

10 years after the night of starfall, city S was destroyed by the biggest recorded monster outbreak in history. Zuo Fan, carrying the name of [A traitor’s son], as well as being the most useless starfall warrior reserve who ran away, awakened the Super Warrior System during a trap disguised as a raid. Since then, he has embarked on the road of success, rising like a meteor. All the while, searching for the truth of his father’s treason... More>>