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Seoul Station Druid
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Park Sooho returned to Earth after disappearing to another world for a thousand years. During that time, Earth had changed into a world of the survival of the fittest thanks to the appearance of monsters. Druid, the king of the animals, who had managed to survive for a thousand years is now off to conquer the world.

Associated Names
  • 서울역 드루이드
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17/10/2021 Reaper Scans c22
14/10/2021 Reaper Scans c3
14/10/2021 Reaper Scans c2
14/10/2021 Reaper Scans c1
10/10/2021 Reaper Scans c21
10/10/2021 Reaper Scans c20
26/09/2021 Reaper Scans c19
19/09/2021 Reaper Scans c18
31/08/2021 Reaper Scans c17
25/08/2021 Reaper Scans c16
19/08/2021 Reaper Scans c15
11/08/2021 Reaper Scans c14
10/08/2021 Reaper Scans c13
31/07/2021 Reaper Scans c12
27/07/2021 Reaper Scans c11

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